Telco Academy

Starting on October 16, 2023

Program for new graduates or final course students

Virtualization and Containerization - Java - Python - Unix - Databases and Scripting - Automation - CI/CD - Softskills

Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not.


Discover our exciting workshops, the most effective and dynamic way to acquire skills and knowledge in record time. Immerse yourself in an interactive and practical experience, led by expert employees in the field. Take advantage of the opportunity to boost your professional development and reach new levels of excellence.

Learning together, making a better future.

The CDS Academy was born in 2017 as an evolution of talent programs that we had been developing since 2007. Over the years, we have grown and increased our impact in the community, thanks to
specific training in various technologies that enables individuals to acquire skills and knowledge to thrive in real projects. Based on our talent search, we offer employment opportunities to young who want to start a professional career with us.

Liquid learning

Our experience, combined with the methodologies employed, come together to provide a fluid learning environment. This allows us to achieve levels of communication and teamwork that create a very natural and dynamic learning atmosphere, where knowledge is contextualized as part of a process, giving meaning to the acquired skills.

Technology overview

An excellent staff of employees delivers the contents of the training program, with a practical approach that reflects the reality of the job market as well as the needs of our clients. This enables the direct application of knowledge in the workplace to achieve immediate results.


An opportunity to share opinions, experiences, and best practices with other students, as well as employees of the HPE group. Our teaching process enhances human talent.

Now is the time to join theCDSacademy

with a great group of professionals.

We are looking for your talent!

Today's education tomorrow's future

HPE, a leader in the technology sector and CDS, a recognized brand for its excellence in providing services to the HPE group, foster collaboration with educational institutions through the signing of agreements aimed at promoting technological innovation and fostering talent development in the sector.

And what better way to do that than to have the best young talent on our teams.

At our organization, we emphasize the importance of establishing agreements for the development of the technology sector and the training of future professionals. To achieve this, we forge alliances with universities and vocational training centers.

CDS Academy was a unique experience in my university life. At first, I felt nervous and inadequate since it was one of my first encounters with the business world. However, the talent and charisma of the presenters, along with the technologies they showcased, convinced me that I had a future in CDS.

- Luis Miguel Martín

The true marketing is the opinion of our employees

My personal experience at CDS Academy was a tremendous learning opportunity and an introduction to technologies that were previously unknown to me. The classes were engaging, with constant supervision and full support from all the participants. Years later, I am still applying the knowledge gained at the Academy in my position at CDS. In conclusion, it was an enriching and fundamental experience in the technology field.

- Fernando García

An experience

The opportunity

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